Structural fit for sustainable high growth

  • Favorable demographic structure with a young and expanding workforce.
  • Increased productivity thanks to sectorial shift from agricultural to manufacturing and increased participation of the private and foreign sectors.

Moving up the global value chain

  • Robust growth of trade thanks to the open-up policies.
  • Shift from natural resource export to higher value added products.
  • Key player to be one of the manufacturing hubs of the world.

Expanding domestic consumption and rising wealth

  • Vietnam disposable income has increased by four times over the past decade and the middle class is rising with significant portion.
  • This rising affluence accounts for the expansion in consumers related sectors.

Stable political environment and continuous reform

  • Political system led by the Communist Party prioritize on the economic growth.
  • Reforms are on the move in investments, the financial sectors, SOEs, etc, to complete transferring the economy to be market-oriented.

We adopt a long term and value-investing philosophy focused on the investees’ ability to create, grow and distribute sustainable values to shareholders. Our central investment theme is based on the growth story of Vietnam with the features mentioned above.


VOI’s strong performance is driven by commitment to our core values.


We behave with integrity and in an ethical manner in everything we do, thereby earning and maintaining the trust and respect of shareholders, partners and investors.

to Shareholders

We are focused on creating sustainable shareholder value through commitment of our team to maximize risk-adjusted return, and act in the best interest of our shareholders.


We exercise care, prudence, and diligence and take a measured approach to managing risks in every investment we undertake. We are always conscious of our fiduciary responsibility. As an institution and as individuals, we always seek to work diligently and to conduct business in good faith.


We always pursue operational excellence and are proud of our work quality. We follow the highest standards of professionalism in doing business.